Continue the video collaboration with Mr.Manuele Cacicia.
The Mister, known in Serie A as Vice of Davide Nicola, this month offers us a training session on the STRATEGIES OF GAME.
Specifically, the Mister will go to propose exercises to train the game in amplitude through a direct development and / or maneuvered.
The training structure will therefore have a single objective from beginning to end.
In the activation we work on the game combinations that will allow us in the following steps to reach the goal of the session.
In ball possession, the goal will be achieved through the Prolem Solving strategy.
In situational work we will do a 3 vs.2, stimulating the collaboration of 3 players making them aware of their choices.
While in the Theme Match the Mister works on side attacks using crosses and crosses as a means of finalization.
The session ends with a free game.

Manuele Cacicia is a professional coach who has been a long apprenticeship in the youth sectors of Lucchese, Empoli and Livorno, and vice-president of Davide Nicola, he has arrived in Serie A until he made his debut in the top flight in the Napoli vs. Napoli match. Crotone season 2016/17.

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