Manuele Cacicia, known in Serie A as Deputy of Davide Nicola, presents us with a session of the Koala Soccer School.

Koala Soccer School is a highly specialized Technical School founded by him together with Simone Angeli.

Manuele Cacicia is a professional coach who has been a long apprenticeship in the youth sectors of Lucchese, Empoli and Livorno, and vice-president of Davide Nicola, he has arrived in Serie A until he made his debut in the top flight in the Napoli vs. Crotone season 2016/17.


In the Koala Soccer School Staff we can appreciate:

– Simone Angeli, former professional player of Perugia, Teramo, Brindisi and Lucchese.

– Andrea Ruglini, former coach of the youth sector of Lucchese and Fiorentina

– Luca Pesi, coach of the Lucchese Youth Sector.

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