To our microphones, the Head of the Technical Area Dante Lucarelli, introduces us to the World of Tau Calcio.
The amaranth company was born in 1992 and today it is one of the most important amateur companies in Italy.
The Tau Calcio, in addition to being one of the 14 Inter Soccer Schools, has a very large structure with two Tau Academies, an Inter Training Center, a Competitive Youth Sector and a First Team to complete a path for those kids who cannot find outlet in professionals.
The Palmares del Tau Calcio boasts 15 regional titles, 3 Scudetto Finals, one of which was won in 2012 with the Allievi.

On our channel you can see the training of the Football School, complete with Interviews with the Technicians, with the following schedule:
– MARCH: U13

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